5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Sign Up For Bowling Leagues

Kids are constantly on the move. As a parent/guardian, you always want them to keep an open mind and try new things, whether it be a new food or sport. By exposing them to new things, their horizons … [Read more...]

Summer Fun at Pinz!

 Woo-hoo! Summer is here! Who doesn't get excited about warm weather, sun dresses & shorts, and no school? Here at Pinz we can't wait to get the summer party started. We have so many great … [Read more...]

Brightening Veterans Lives Fundraising Event

This coming Monday, May 30th is Memorial day. In honor of this, we'd like to talk about Brightening Veteran Lives. This absolutely fantastic organization has raised over $45 million dollars to help … [Read more...]

Have Your Summer Party at Pinz!

Are you getting ready to have your summer party? What better place than a party at Pinz?! Bowling? Yes, bowling! Bowling is great for people of all ages. The little kids can have bumpers up while … [Read more...]

Teen & Tween Parties at Pinz!

The Teenage Years... ...are some of the most fun and memorable ones. They're constantly growing physically and mentally, they still get to go to camp and they still get to be a kid without having to … [Read more...]

Tiger Frenzy is Here!

Dust off your hat and bust out that catcher's mitt because baseball season is finally here! Today is opening day and we're excited about the Tiger's upcoming season here at Pinz. Last year was their … [Read more...]

Be Your Company Hero!

The average American has a 40 hour work week- that's an average of 10.3 YEARS if you work the traditional 45 years. Those of us who work upwards of 50 hours a week spend more time with their work … [Read more...]

The Easter Bunny is Hopping to Pinz!

The Easter bunny is hopping to South Lyon, more specifically -to Pinz! We're so excited to have him here! Easter Weekend at Pinz Friday the 25th is Good Friday and Sunday the 27th is Easter Sunday. … [Read more...]

Children’s Parties at Pinz!

Children's birthday parties are extra special at Pinz. Why is that? We add all the little details both parents and kids enjoy.  For starters, each party comes with their own Party Hero. A Party … [Read more...]

Mid-Winter Break at Pinz

Mid-winter break is next week, February 14th -21st. Don't let your kids stay glued to technology, bring them to Pinz for some friendly competition and delicious food. In addition to a mid-winter break … [Read more...]