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5 Reasons to have your Graduation Party at Pinz.

Congratulations on your graduation! Now it’s time to celebrate and create memories that will last a lifetime.GradCapandBall

Why should you have your graduation party at Pinz?

  1. It’s unique! Why have the same old thing just like everybody else?
  2. All of your guests can participate. Bowling is an activity that young and old can do, and everyone will enjoy.
  3. No worries about the weather. It’s never too hot nor too cold inside Pinz, and a little rain won’t ruin your party.
  4. We do all the cooking and cleaning. All you have to do is invite your guests and show up.
  5. It’s fun!!!

Make your graduation party extraordinary! Reserve your date and time today.

Click here for more information or contact Debbie at 248-437-0700 or debbie@pinzsouthlyon.com.

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