Bowling Leagues and Clubs

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Leagues & Clubs

Competitive or fun. We have bowling leagues for everyone.

Come join a bowling league or club and enjoy some friendly competition on the lanes. You can sign up with a team, friend or by yourself. We’ll keep track of the individual and team statistics while you enjoy some relaxation time with delicious food and drinks.

So, what's the difference between bowling leagues and clubs? Leagues have USBC certification and clubs do not. The main benefits of certification by the USBC are recognition for award scores and establishing an official average for local, state or national tournaments.

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Funtimers Club

Tuesdays 7:30pm - 9:00pm • March 26th - April 30th •  Short 6 week season  •  Bowl 3 games per week  •  3 per team • Any combination of Men and Women  •  9 Pin No-Tap Format - Get 9 pins down on first ball for a strike  •  $12.00 per week includes shoe rental  •  Pizza party on last night of bowling

Summer Mixed Trio

Tuesdays at 7:00pm • May 7th - July 30th •  3 per team • $14 per night • Any combination of Men and Women
Handicap is 90% from 230  •  Optional mystery games  •  Prize money

Pizza & Wings Club

Wednesdays at 7:00pm • May 8th - July 31st (Does not bowl on July 3rd.) • 4 per team • $15 per night • Any combination of Men and Women • Each team receives the following every week: • 1 pitchers of beer, margaritas or soft drinks • 1 large pizza or 1 platter of 16 wings • 3 games of league bowling • Free use of rental shoes and house balls.


Middle School Bowling Club

Ages 10-14
Tuesdays at 6:30pm • June 18th - August 20th • Bowls 2 games • 3 per team • $7.50 per week • $5.00 registration fee
Includes shoe rental and end of season party

Kids Learn to Bowl

Ages 6+
Wednesdays at 6:30pm • May 1st - May 22nd
These one hour sessions include a short classroom lesson and 45 minutes on the lanes.
Topics include lane safety, how to swing the ball, footwork, shooting spares and more.
This is a FREE program • Space is limited • RESERVATION REQUIRED

Family Doubles

Wednesdays at 6:00 • May 1st - July 31st • Bowls 2 games • 1 Adult and 1 Child per team • $7.50 per week • $5.00 registration fee
Includes shoe rental, bumpers available, end of season party

Cosmic Pizza Pals & Bumpers

Pizza Pals Ages 6-14  •  Pizza Bumpers Ages 3-7
Wednesdays at 12:30pm • June 19th - August 21st • Bowls 2 games per week  • 3 per team • $10.00 per week • $5.00 registration fee
Bowlers get 2 slices of pizza and a small drink every week  •  Includes shoe rental and end of season party

Zoo Keepers Family Bowling Club

Tuesdays at 6:00pm • June 4th - August 14th • Bowls 2 games • 4 per team (teams can consist of adults and children or all children) • $10.00 per week • $5.00 registration fee. Bowlers receive a gift card to either The Detroit Zoo or The Toledo Zoo  •  Includes shoe rental  •  Bumpers available

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