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Bowling Leagues & Clubs

Competitive or fun, we have bowling leagues for everyone.

Come join a bowling league or club and enjoy some friendly competition on the lanes. You can sign up with a team, friend or by yourself. We’ll keep track of the individual and team statistics while you enjoy some relaxation time with delicious food and drinks.
So, what’s the difference between bowling leagues and clubs? Leagues have USBC certification and clubs do not. The main benefits of certification by the USBC are recognition for award scores and establishing an official average for local, state or national tournaments.

Want to form your own bowling league?



Sundays at 7:00pm • Starts January 9th • Bowls 14 weeks • 4 per team, any combo of men and women • 9 pins down on the first ball counts as a strike
$14.00 per person per week

Senior Social

Thursdays at Noon • Starts January 6th • Bowls 15 weeks • 4 per team
$10.00 per person per team

Family Doubles

Wednesdays 6:00pm • Starts January 12th • Bowls 13 weeks • 2 per team – can be 1 adult and 1 child or 2 children • Bowl 2 games each week • Bumpers available for kids • Awards and pizza party on last day
$9.00 per person per week, includes shoe rental

Middle School Bowling Club

Tuesdays 5:00pm • Starts January 11th • Bowls 13 weeks • 3 per team • Bowl 2 games each week • Awards and pizza party on the last day
$9.00 per person per week

Pinz Pals (ages 6-12) & Pee Wee Bumpers (ages 3-7)

Thursdays 4:45pm • Starts January 13th • Bowls 13 weeks • 3 per team • Bowls 2 games each week • Awards and pizza party on the last day
$9.00 per person per week

Thursdays 6:45pm • Starts September 9th • Bowls 31 weeks • 4 per team

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Start a league

Form Your Own League

Do you have a group of people that would like to bowl together? Form a league that is made up of friends, neighbors, coworkers or members of an organization. We will help you get everything set up and will keep track of all of the individual and team statistics.

  • Your league, your way
  • Invite who you want
  • We keep all statistics
  • We produce your league sheet
  • You determine how much you bowl

Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your league idea.

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