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Do you need to raise money for a team, club, school, church or special cause? We’ve helped hundreds of groups raise thousands of dollars through bowling fundraisers and we want to help you too. Check out our fundraiser packages below, and fill out our event form to get started.




Includes 2 hours of bowling, shoes, pizza and pop.
Cost: $18.00 per person to Pinz
You set a per person price above that, and the total amount you collect above the $18.00 per person goes to your organization.
Includes 5 to 6 bowlers per lane



We offer you a per game rate (based on the day and time of your event) along with free rental shoes for your participants. Anything you charge above that is the profit to your organization.
Ideal for PTOs

Tips for having a successful fundraiser.

Our pizza and bowling package is the most popular choice fundraisers . This package includes 2 hours of bowling, shoes, 1 large 1 topping pizza and refillable pitchers of pop for each lane. You can put 5 to 6 bowlers on each lane. Your cost to us is $18.00 per person. You set a price above that, and the amount over $18.00 goes to your group. For example, if you charge $25.00 per person, $18.00 is paid to Pinz and $7.00 goes to your organization. You can raise additional funds during your event by offering 50-50 drawings, door prize drawings, silent or live auctions and raffles.

Getting Participants

It is always better to have your participants pay in advance prior to the event. This allows you to have a better count of participants and eliminates no-shows. You can offer a discount if they pay ahead of time (ex. $20.00 in advance, $25.00 at the door). If you are raising money for a club or team, you can tell each member to fill a lane by bringing in 5 to 6 participants. If you have 20 students and they each bring 5 to 6 people, that’s at least 100-120 people. We will provide you with lane assignment forms so you can organize your bowlers ahead of time.

50-50 Raffles

These raffles are an effective way to raise more money. You sell tickets for a set price. The winning ticket gets half of the money collected and the other half goes to your group. You can split the drawings to have multiple winners if you choose.

Door Prizes / Basket Raffles / Silent Auctions

You can get many of your prizes donated. Ask businesses, restaurants, stores and sporting venues to donate items or services. Gift cards, game tickets, sports memorabilia and gift baskets are great items for your event. You can combine items and create your own gift baskets. You can also ask friends and relatives to donate items.

Corporate / Individual Sponsors

An additional way to raise money for your group is to get sponsors. Companies and/or individuals will donate money in exchange for signage displayed during the event. You can also recognize your sponsors in your pre-event promotion.

Volunteers / Helpers

It is important to recruit helpers and let them know up front what their responsibilities will be. Your volunteers can help you prior to the event by recruiting participants and getting donations. You will need some helpers during the event to assist in checking people in and with the prize drawings.

Flyers / Getting the Word Out

If you need help with your flyer, Pinz will be happy to design it for you. You will want to include information about the event on it, including who is benefitting, when, where, cost, and what is included in the price. You can also put information on it about top prizes if you know ahead of time. Word of mouth advertising will be an effective way to let people know about your event. You may want to talk about it on facebook and in emails to your friends and family.

We are here to help you. We want you to have a successful fundraiser, so let us know if you need any assistance throughout the planning of your event.

Pinz has helped area groups and organizations raise thousands of dollars with bowling fundraisers, here are just a few of them:

Bowl for the Cure  • Rainbow Connection  • Furry Friends Rescue  • Wigs for Kids  • Helping Tiny Hands  • Civil Air Patrol  • Pawsabilities  • Active Faith  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation  • Team Ryan  • South Lyon Junior League  • South Lyon Early Childhood Center  • Children’s Miracle Network  • Panthers Football  • Brummer Elementary  • Kent Lake Elementary  • Bartlett Elementary  • Hardy Elementary  • South Lyon Senior All Night Party  • South Lyon East Senior All Night Party  • South Lyon East Football Boosters  • South Lyon High School Choir  • South Lyon High School Band  • South Lyon High School Bowling Team  • South Lyon East High School Bowling Team  • South Lyon Pom Squad  • Destroyers 10U Hockey  • Ravens 12U Girl’s Hockey


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