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Join A Bowling League At Pinz!

Ever thought about joining a bowling league? Well now is your chance! Most people think bowling leagues are only for professionals; but this is surely not the case at Pinz! Gather up your friends, co-workers and family members for some fun and friendly competition on the lanes.

bowling leagues & clubs

Who can sign up?

You can sign up with a team, friend or by yourself. We have leagues for all ages! We’ll keep track of the individual and team statistics while you enjoy some relaxation time with delicious food and drinks.

What types of leagues do we offer?

  • Leagues: These are generally more of a competitive nature and have longer seasons (about 16-32 weeks). Skill level is medium-high. These leagues also play for prize money.
  • Clubs: These are generally less competitive in nature and have shorter seasons (8-15 weeks). Still level is low-medium. These leagues play for premiums or parties.

Click here for more information on general leagues vs. clubs.

What time are the leagues? 

Most leagues and clubs take place in the evening, however there are a few that are in the morning. Here is a complete list of leagues, clubs and times for Pinz.

Interested in joining a league? Click here to request league information! You can also check out our open bowling hours, or stay updated with league standings. Need more help? Give Pinz a call at (248) 437-0700! 


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