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Kids Birthday Parties at Pinz!

Kids birthday parties are extra special at Pinz. Why is that? We add all the little details both parents and kids enjoy. Party Hero!

For starters, each party comes with their own Party Hero. A Party Hero is a staff member dedicated to your party.  What does a Party Hero do?

  • Plays games with the kids and may even show off a magic trick
    Sometimes it’s hard to keeps kids entertained. That’s why are Party Heroes our specially trained to keep them happy and engaged
  • Gets them bowling with the right size shoes and names in the computer
    Your Party Hero makes sure all laces are tied and names entered so they can jump into the fun
  • Serves the pizza and the cupcakes Thank you!
    Our cupcakes are a blank slate. So not only do the children get to eat them, but they get to decorate them and make them their own
  • Writes down the gift list
    Thank you notes are important, but it doesn’t do much good if you don’t remember who gave what. Your Party Hero helps erase that problem

In addition to your Party Hero, your birthday boy or girl will get:

  • Lighted V.I.P. button for the Birthday Child
  • Surprise for the Birthday Child
  • Cupcakes for the kids to decorate -with plenty of napkins, of course

All of this is in addition to the 1 hour of bowling with shoes, our delicious homemade pizza and unlimited refills of pop and lemonade -and this is just our Classic Package! Our Classic Package is $175 for up to 10 guests, with additional guest $15.00 each. You can upgrade to our Deluxe Package, which includes all of the above AND goody bags complete with a free bowling game pass for each guest. Additional guests for the Deluxe Package are $18.00 each.

If you feel this is perfect for your son or daughter, click here to book now. If you’d like additional information, click here.




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  1. As a parent who has organized numerous birthday parties for my children, I must say that finding the perfect venue to create lasting memories can be quite a challenge. However, after stumbling upon Pinz and experiencing the magic they bring to kids’ birthday parties, I am thrilled to share my positive feedback.

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