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Teen & Tween Parties at Pinz!

The Teenage Years…

…are some of the most fun and memorable ones. They’re constantly growing physically and mentally, they still get to go to camp and they still get to be a kid without
having to make adult decisions. Sure parties in their single digits (9 and under) were fun, but now they want something that’s different and to have more say in their party.

Stand Out with a Party at Pinz!fun!

Everyone at some point has the sleepover party, or the pool party, or the princess party, but when you’re in your tween and teen years, what can you do that’s different but you know is going to be super fun? Have your birthday party at Pinz that’s what! Whether they’re turning 13 or having their sweet 16, Pinz is the place to celebrate their special day. With a party at Pinz you can:

  • Have homemade pizza and DIY cupcakes for your birthday boy or girl. It’s no joke, we’re known for our delicious homemade pizza. If the kids aren’t feeling pizza, we’ve got some cheese-tastic nachos. To accommodate their growing appetite and taste buds, conveniently have it where you get to pick pizza or nachos for every 5 attendees.
  • Make your party themed! It doesn’t matter what age you are, a themed party is always a fun party. From super heroes to a crazy sock exchange to a Mardi Gras superman cake!or even a decade party, many themed parties can be made to be even more fun at Pinz! Even Superman goes bowling back in the day.
  • Public or Private: you choose. You can have just the lanes you need reserved or you can reserve a party room just for your group.

If a Pinz party sounds like the right party for your teen or tween, simply reserve your party online by clicking here or give us a call at (248) 437-0700. 

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